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Frequently Asked Questions

About the MEMO application

This application is the official community-building app of the Megoldás Mozgalom party. You may join our community with a valid invitation.

What are the functions of the application?

Prizes: After each successful invitation to the app, you can get a point which can be used to participate in games for prizes. You may check and participate in our active games under the "Nyeremények" option on the menu.

Invitations: You can invite your friends to join to our community through the application under the "Meghívás" option in the menu. After each successful invitation, you can get 1000 EFT (e-forint, more info under: What is EFT).

Winners: Under the "Nyertesek" menu option, you may check the winners of the closed games.

Profile: Under the "Profilom" option, you can check your current EFT balance, as well as your pending and accepted invitations.

Log out: To log out, please click on the menu icon on the top right corner, and choose "Kijelentkezés" to log out from the application.

How can I join to the community?

The MEMO application is available both on iOS and Android. You may download the application from the AppStore or from the PlayStore. In order to be a part of our community, you need a valid invitation from a member of the community.

How can I get an invitation?

The fastest way to do so is to post the following message on social media: „I am looking for a MEMO app invitation for the new Hungarian Bitcoin!”

Other processes may include to get an invitation from the MEMO social media profiles such as:

You may also send a message to +36304687947 with the following message: MEMO APP to get an invitation.

If you already have a valid invitation:

You will only need to click on the link in the invitation, and it will automatically take you to either download the app, or if you already have the app, it will take you to a phone verification (message based verification). After a successful verification, you can be part of our community.

How can I invite somebody to the community?

You may send out an invitation through the application form the "Meghívás" menu option. You can get up to 2 invitations to use within an hour. The invited person also has one hour to compete the registration with the link. You might need to allow the application to access your contact list in order to find your contacts, and invite them. If you are out of the invitations, you will only need to answer one question, and you can get 2 new invitation links again.

What is EFT?

EFT is the official digital currency of the Megoldás Mozgalom party. EFT was created in order to put an end to the continuous inflation. You can get 1000 EFT by just inviting one of your friends to be a part of our community.

Just like on the dawn of bitcoin, EFT is now in the collecting era. The members of our community will receive more information after the 4th of April, so being a part is more important than ever.

Until then you can read more about blockchain from the publications made by Viktor Huszár (MEMO President) on the following link:

Just like our slogan says: Trust in each other!

How can I participate in the games?

How can I collect points?

If you have registered successfully to the community and you have the app downloaded, you can participate in our games to win prizes. After each successful invitation, you get a point. Each prize has different point minimum limit to enter the game. You can check our active games under the "Nyeremények" menu option, under the "Aktuális" option. If you are eligible to participate for a prize, a yellow "Benevezek" button will appear. To participate in the game, all you have to do is to click on the button.

Where can I see my prizes?

Your prizes and closed games will appear under the "Lezárult" option. If you won a prize, all you have to do is to follow the steps recommended by the app: take a video of yourself, saying your name and the prize you won.

How can I get help with the application?

If you have any problems, or would like to know more about our application, please contact us at: mail address between 8:00 - 20:00.