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The current Hungarian education system struggles with low academic achievement, infrastructural issues, low salaries, and overwork of teachers, as well as lack of professional autonomy. Additionally, there is a lack of flexibility in inclusive education. These problems collectively have a negative impact on the quality and efficiency of education. These measures contribute to the development of a more attractive, efficient, and higher-quality education system in Hungary.

We will establish the Independent Ministry of Education!School autonomy and academic freedom!We will introduce basic education on environmental protection, economics, and water management in public education.Immediate wage adjustment for educators and caretakers! Competitive income for educators!Experience-based education in nature! We take schools outdoors!Minden 14. életévét betöltött diáknak ingyen laptopot!
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Hungary's healthcare system faces numerous critical problems and deficiencies that significantly impact the quality of care and patients' access to healthcare services. The system has long struggled with structural and financial issues, exacerbated by inadequate resource allocation, shortage of healthcare professionals, infrastructural deficiencies, and excessive bureaucracy and administrative burdens. Furthermore, political, and economic changes in the healthcare sector also affect care delivery and the quality of healthcare services. Faced with continuously growing healthcare demands and the demographic challenges of an aging population, the healthcare system urgently needs to address these issues to improve care and preserve the population's health. Our proposals aimed at addressing the problems and deficiencies in the healthcare system are as follows:

We bring back the freedom of choice in healthcare!We establish an independent Ministry of Health! It is our shared responsibility to build a truly healthy Hungary!Food Safety. We are tightening food safety regulations to protect the population.Instead of disease care, healthcare. PREVENTION: Ensuring a general health condition check up every 5 years.Digital Health Calendar. Providing general and personalized information about recommended examinations and screenings for different age groups.Healthy Workplace Certification! We facilitate participation in screening examinations! Flexible options, childcare, screening leave.We oblige manufacturers to label unhealthy ingredients on their products.Healthy School. Unhealthy food sales in schools should be taxed.Healthcare TAO Support. We encourage workplace health development and prevention programs!
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Ensuring the everyday security of citizens will always be the primary task of the state. Unfortunately, in recent times, we have experienced shortcomings in several areas in this important domain. To radically improve Hungary's security situation, there is a need to introduce new guidelines to utilize available resources more efficiently for modernizing and expanding security measures. To address the issues related to this matter, we propose the following developments:

Solar-powered smart pedestrian crossings will be installed in the vicinity of every Hungarian kindergarten and school.We will restore a normal tone of public discourse!Machine vision and artificial intelligence-based border control at all border crossings in Hungary.Development of a modern and efficient surveillance camera system to aid in the monitoring of borders and public areas, as well as to reduce crime.Increasing traffic safety and modernizing the Highway Code (KRESZ).We support independent legal advocacy organizations to preserve the enforcement of individual rights and freedoms, and the rule of law in Hungary.
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Transparent hungary

The lack of transparency in Hungary leads to serious problems. It is not only a breeding ground for corruption and abuses in state institutions but also results in democratic deficiencies. If decision-making is not transparent, it can weaken democratic processes and civic participation. Furthermore, the lack of transparency leads to a decrease in economic efficiency, as waste and resource loss hinder economic development and sustainable growth. Moreover, the lack of transparency causes a loss of trust in the government, which can result in instability and social tension. Striving for transparency is essential for civic participation and sustainable development, and it is crucial for maintaining the integrity and efficiency of democratic institutions. To address the issues, our suggestions are as follows:

We introduce the concept of economic public actors. Winners of billionaire state tenders must submit asset declarationsWe will abolish the TAO scam! We will review the TAO acceptance limit!There's no relative to the computer! We'll eliminate corruption! Introducing a procurement ceiling, with IMMEDIATE detection of overpricing using AUTOMATED systems! We'll review overspendingWe will cap the prime ministerial position at 8 years. Government officials, leaders of state-owned companies can be elected for a maximum of two terms!Introduction of municipal information obligation through digital channels (customer portal/email) in addition to traditional methods for elderly local residents, regarding the support they are entitled to, its extent, application process, and form.We are establishing independent professional committees to separate institutions aimed at limiting the power of politicians.
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Self-Sufficient hungary

Hungary has been facing significant challenges in self-sufficiency for years. The decline of the agricultural sector, low efficiency of agricultural areas, and decreasing production volumes exacerbate the country's self-sufficiency situation. The increase in food imports intensifies the country's dependence on foreign markets, especially concerning grains, meat, and vegetables. This is not only economically concerning but also strategically worrying, as food security is a crucial factor for the stability and independence of nation-states. The lack of self-sufficiency leads to a decline in agricultural production, instability in food prices, and economic vulnerability. Restoring self-sufficiency requires strategic steps to support agricultural production, develop rural areas, and encourage innovation in the agricultural sector. To address these problems, we propose the following solutions:

Expanding Green Energy Sources. We will eliminate unnecessary restrictions hindering the installation of new wind turbines!Preservation of our Water Resources. We will build and improve reservoirs and irrigation systems for sustainable water management.We ensure mothers' ability to work from home, remote work! State support for companies that employ full-time mothers!Incentivizing new renewable energy-based power plants. Providing a 10-year exemption from paying the Robin Hood tax.We are introducing a new renewable energy law that facilitates the use of renewable energy sources in the country through effective regulation and support.We will protect Hungarian arable land and modernize its cultivation
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Hungary faces numerous independence and sovereignty issues that manifest in various areas. These include, for example, the question of relations with the European Union, where conflicting political and economic interests arise alongside EU membership. Furthermore, the geopolitical situation poses challenges, especially concerning relations with Russia and China, where balancing Western alliance commitments and Eastern partnership opportunities is crucial. The situation of Hungarian communities beyond the borders and their interests, along with related foreign policy tensions, also present challenges. The resolution of independence and sovereignty issues is crucial for maintaining international stability and internal unity. Therefore, we propose the following suggestions to address these problems:

We are increasing the capacity and efficiency of the operating units at the Paks Nuclear Power Plant to strengthen domestic energy independence.Balanced Relations: The principle of equal distance should guide our international relations so that we can represent a sovereign and independent policy.Let Hungary be the Switzerland of the European Union, increasing our country's independence and autonomy!Independence and Unity: Introduction of a nursing home accreditation system operating on a similar principle to hotel ratings.Expertise-based political decision-making! Ensuring decision-making based on professional competencies rather than individual beliefs, faith, and interests, for objective decision-making.Ensuring the independence of the government by exempting it from the influence and personal interests of oligarchs.
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Appreciative hungary

Hungary faces several challenges regarding the appreciation, livelihood, and quality of life of seniors and retirees. Among these, the most significant is the low level of pensions, which does not ensure dignified livelihood and adequate living conditions for the elderly. Additionally, there is a problem with the lack or insufficiency of healthcare services and social support, which do not enable the elderly to receive proper healthcare and social care. Furthermore, social exclusion and discrimination against the elderly are significant issues that affect their quality of life and social participation. Addressing these challenges is of paramount importance for social justice and the protection of the dignity of the elderly. To increase the appreciation of seniors, we propose the following solutions:

Reinstatement of social insurance and citizen rights to retirement benefits into the Constitution.Establishment of a central perpetual annuity fund for elderly citizens, which can centrally manage property and land-based life annuities.Establishment of elderly-friendly public administration. As part of the MEMO Smart Village, Smart City, Smart Urban programs, implementation of a mentorship program.A 3% pension bonus for every raised child.Family tax deduction after the Elderly living in the same household.100% increase in medication support for public healthcare.Compassionate allowance and burial support based on social and societal needs, and the abolition of the law concerning social funerals, followed by the creation of new legislation.Further tightening of penalties for crimes committed against the elderly, especially focusing on violent crimes!Legally regulated mandatory deposit of security by operators of nursing homes, providing assurance for residents and their relatives.
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Hungary experiences numerous problems and deficiencies in the field of digitalization. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for the development and modernization of digital education in Hungary. While many administrative processes are being digitized, there are still many areas where paper-based administration excessively dominates. Further developments are needed in unified e-government services and electronic document management to increase efficiency. Additionally, the lack of digital skills and knowledge in certain segments of the population leads to a digital divide, hindering individuals and communities who cannot keep pace with digital advancements. These problems and deficiencies indicate the need for additional efforts in the development of digital infrastructure and skills to effectively leverage the opportunities offered by digital technology in Hungary. To address the above-mentioned issues, we propose the following suggestions:

We will establish the Hungarian Silicon Valley! We will create Europe's largest Startup Ecosystem!In your smartphone, Smart Card (SMART ID): Instead of an ID card, tax card, Social security card, address card, student card, driver's license, you will have a smart card.We ease the administrative burdens of entrepreneurs with automatic VAT refunds.Digital Industrial Park.We encourage and support the realization of new ideas!Digital Revolution. We are implementing comprehensive digitization in education, healthcare, and justice.
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Sustainable hungary

Hungary is grappling with numerous sustainability issues that have serious impacts on both the environment and society. Environmental pollution caused by industrial activities, agriculture, and urban lifestyles severely burdens the soil, air, and water. Concurrently, the waste management system faces challenges, ranging from the overload of landfills to the shortcomings in waste recycling. Significant problems also arise in water management. Decreasing water reserves, water pollution, and the increasing frequency of floods and droughts indicate the need for more sustainable water management solutions. The depletion of natural resources poses another significant challenge. Additionally, carbon dioxide emissions are a significant problem, particularly in industrial activities and transportation. Lastly, the excessive growth of urban areas and deficiencies in urban infrastructure negatively impact the environment and quality of life, including air pollution, reduction of green areas, and traffic congestion. These sustainability issues present complex challenges for Hungary, requiring comprehensive measures for sustainable development and environmental protection. We propose the following solutions to address sustainability problems:

An environmentally conscious, paperless Hungary!Sibling Tree program for a greener Hungary: For every newborn child, we will plant a sapling in coordination with the 3200 settlements of the country.We will increase the target for reducing harmful emissions!We are improving public transportation! We are modernizing Hungary's railway network!We are reducing the amount of waste generated and promoting waste recycling.Introduction of renewable energy law!
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Unfortunately, Hungary is not considered a clean country, and there are several reasons for this. One of the biggest problems is industrial and agricultural pollution, which poses a significant burden on the environment and health. Additionally, the outdated energy industry and excessive use of fossil fuels further worsen air quality and contribute to climate change. Moreover, illegal waste dumps and deficiencies in waste management are serious issues, causing pollution and environmental damage. The decrease in natural habitats and loss of biodiversity are further causes for concern. These reasons collectively contribute to Hungary still struggling with cleanliness and sustainability challenges, requiring further efforts to improve the situation. Our suggestions to address the problems are as follows:

Environmental and Nature Conservation Education. We teach the importance of environmental and nature conservation from early childhood.Clean Hungary! We will increase the number of waste bins in public areas and parks.Free Waste Disposal. We will make household waste disposal free of charge at waste collection centers.Initiating and organizing regular public cleanliness campaigns.We will tighten penalties for illegal waste dumpers and environmental polluters.Greening transportation!
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Hungary faces several economic and budgetary challenges. These include the slowdown or stagnation of economic growth, hindering the country's development and competitiveness. Additionally, concerns arise from the budget deficit and the level of government debt, especially in an unpredictable economic environment. External factors such as inflation and global market changes can further pose challenges to the economy. Addressing these challenges is crucial for ensuring sustainable economic growth and stability. We propose the following suggestions to address the economic and budgetary problems in Hungary:

Real support for SMEs!Establishment of a tax system and public administration that supports businesses!Development of skills instead of unreasonable financial support!Establishment of more, specialized economic development institutions.We will radically cut government communication expenses!Expansion of TAO Contributions. Extending TAO support to civil organizations assisting in healthcare, social services, and education! Similar to spectator and team sports, expanding TAO support to all assisting civil organizations.
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Hungary boasts several major cities, yet they cannot be considered as livable compared to other major cities in Europe due to several factors. One of the main reasons is the lack of infrastructure and outdated transportation systems. Traffic jams, overcrowded public transportation, and poor road conditions pose significant challenges in daily life for many. Furthermore, livability is influenced by increasing poverty and worsening social problems, as well as tensions in the real estate market and unaffordable prices, making it difficult to create homes and ensure adequate housing. Taken together, these factors may result in Hungary's major cities not being fully livable compared to those in other European countries. To address these issues, we propose the following suggestions:

An environmentally conscious, paperless Hungary!Sibling Tree program for a greener Hungary: For every newborn child, we will plant a sapling in coordination with the 3200 settlements of the country.We will increase the target for reducing harmful emissions!We are improving public transportation! We are modernizing Hungary's railway network!We are reducing the amount of waste generated and promoting waste recycling.Introduction of renewable energy law!Economic transparency, cashless economy!Incentivizing new renewable energy-based power plants! Providing a 10-year exemption from paying the Robin Hood tax.
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Sporty hungary

In Hungary, we are facing numerous challenges in the field of sports culture and everyday physical activity. These include the increasing prevalence of physical inactivity, the spread of unhealthy lifestyles, as well as limited access to sports opportunities and their availability. Additionally, a significant issue is the decrease in the quality and quantity of physical education classes in schools, along with difficulties in accessing recreational sports activities, especially in less developed or disadvantaged areas. These challenges have a serious impact on people's health and well-being, as well as on the country's sports performance. In order to support sports, we propose the following recommendations:

2036 Summer Olympics in Hungary. We support the bid to host the 2036 Summer Olympics in Hungary. Hungary can be a worthy host of this global sporting event.Real health education! Specialized health development programs for different age groups in public education!Introduction of play- and experience-based physical culture! Making physical activity enjoyable!A more athletic future! Let's make sports health assessments mandatory in schools!Choose sports! Let the Chips Tax be eligible for donation to civil organizations and sports federations dedicated to sports!We support recreational sports! We extend the possibility of TAO (corporate tax) support to recreational sports associations.