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The Solution Movement launches its program aimed at establishing Hungary's model settlement, for which it has created a
grant fund! This amount serves as both development funding and tender grants.

As part of the program initiated by the Solution Movement, we invite prospective settlement leaders to create a model settlement that provides excellent, innovative, and sustainable living conditions for its residents. The goal is to create a community where the happiness and well-being of people take precedence, and where every aspect of life operates at an outstanding level.

Key features of the model settlement:

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Safe and clean environment: The settlement is designed prioritizing residents' safety and ecological sustainability, emphasizing cleanliness and environmental awareness.

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Green and self-sufficient: The settlement’s green spaces and parks provide a floral, aesthetic environment for its inhabitants. Emphasis is placed on self-sufficiency, establishing infrastructure that enables food and energy supply using local resources.

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Carbon-neutral and sustainable: Progressing towards carbon neutrality, the settlement aims to minimize its ecological footprint by employing sustainable energy sources and technologies.

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Family-friendly and innovative: The settlement strives to be an ideal living place for families, ensuring children can grow up in safety and comfort. Built on innovation, we support development and enhance the community experience across all aspects of life.

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Excellent public services: With outstanding healthcare and education services, as well as modern infrastructure, the settlement provides living conditions comparable to European standards.

Requirements for the newly appointed village leader:

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We welcome applications from those who run for mayor under the Solution Movement's banner on any Hungarian settlement on June 9, 2024.

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Applicants must possess outstanding leadership skills and experience, along with a commitment to sustainable development and innovation.

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Applicants are required to submit a comprehensive settlement development plan for elaboration and implementation.

Details of application submission and evaluation:

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for mayor candidates

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Submission method:
Electronic submission of the village development plan to, with a maximum file size of 20 MB.

Deadline for evaluation:
January 30, 2025.

The condition for the successful evaluation of the application: The mayoral candidate running under the colors of the Solution Movement wins the elections on June 9, 2024.

For further information and details, please contact the Solution Movement at

The Solution Movement reserves the right to make changes, including increasing the fund during the application process, and involving additional supporters and investors in the program.