Political image and public policy guidelines

MEMO is a moderate, libertarian party.

free of extremism, - neither a right-wing nor a left-wing party - is positioned in the centre and thus occupies the political centre.

politics is not about ideologies but about issues, is therefore open to solutions that help make people's lives better.

The only independent political force capable of creating a national organisation on its own. It is not currently entering into any form of electoral alliance and does not plan to form any coalition with other organisations in the event of its winning legislative and executive power.

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  1. Establishing a Service Provider state.
  2. Megoldás Mozgalom as a party of solidarity and social responsibilitya shaper of unified national values and interests, an international representative.
  3. Digitalisation in all areas, including public procurement. Young people should have access to laptops and the internet as a matter of right.
  4. Review and drastically reduce government spending, including media and advertising.
  5. Introduction of economic public figure status.
  6. Exercising direct democracy. At this time we have representative democracy. Voting rights should be given to those Hungarian Citizens who pay taxes in Hungary.
  7. We offer real, long-term, predictable careers for civil servants and professionals in the armed forces.
  8. Restoring the right to strike.
  9. Review of the list of persons enjoying immunity and the content of the immunities.
  10. Restoring media independence,abolishing the one-party media council.
  11. Restoring the full political independence of culture, public culture and the arts.
  12. In agriculture, opportunities must be created to revitalise backyard farms by developing a secure system of buying-in and local marketing.
  13. We will achieve the complete separation of church and state.
  14. Amend tax laws in order to reduce social anomalies significantly.
  15. We will introduce a competitive, business-friendly tax system and gradually reduce VAT rates on food and pharmaceuticals, and introduce a multi-rate personal income tax system based on income.
  16. We will protect the public from explosive increases in gas and oil prices, but we will ensure that they are enforced immediately if world prices turn favourable.
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  1. We will stop the outward migration of young people , and help young people get a start in life by making the country a place to live.
    • a. We ensure access to the first home with favourable credit conditions, interest rate subsidies and support young entrepreneurs under 35 years of age by providing a co-payment from the state budget for EU funds.
    • b. b. A rental housing programme will be introduced and the CSOK will be deductible for long-term rental housing.
  2. We will transform the structure and financing of the health care system, create quality and operational conditions for hospitals, and visibly reduce waiting lists
    • a. Reducing the prevalence of high-risk diseases by introducing mandatory health screening programmes and emphasising prevention.
    • b. Increase the minimum wage of doctors to the European level and the salaries of other health workers in proportion to the salaries of doctors.
  3. The President of the Republic should be elected directly by the people. The constitutional regulation of checks and balances is based on this.
  4. A complete overhaul and modernisation of the education system: digitalisation, relaxation of the strict core curriculum, bringing back teacher freedom, more emphasis on project-based creative education, talent management from the beginning beyond higher education. Higher education students should graduate with at least an intermediate level of language proficiency.
  5. The conscious and systematic development of the Hungarian Silicon Valley and the promotion of a start-up and entrepreneurial culture. This is Hungary's real unlimited resource, opportunity and chance.
  6. Review of the amnesty system.
  7. A much stronger focus on environmental directives at the planning stage Adapting existing installations and production methods to environmental considerations by tightening up regulations. Broadening and deepening sustainability considerations through the introduction of evolving technologies.
  8. A review of major investments made with public finance.
  9. Restoring the status of teachers and raising their salaries to European levels.
  10. Condemn all armed aggression, support peace.
  11. We need to stop the drift away from Europe. The Megoldás Mozgalom is committed to European integration, European values and the preservation of international peace, security and stability. External relations must be strengthened with resource-rich countries and knowledge-based states
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